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In 1970 the Cambridge Historical Society expressed concern at the loss of archaeological sites around Cambridge and set to work identifying those that remained.
In 1972 concern was again expressed when the Cambridge District Scheme made no mention of the value of our heritage. And it was not until 1975 that the Cambridge Borough Council organised a team to compile a list of Cambridge Historic Places and a Tree Register.
New Zealand Historic Places Trust listed most of the 'A' list and some of the 'Bs' under the Historic Places Trust Act 1993. Now, Waipa District Council has most of the Cambridge buildings and places protected in their District Plan.

Reasons for preservation, in the Waipa District Plan, include:

1. Historical Significance
The building, object or area has a strong association with significant people or events or is important as a reflection of social patterns of its time.

2. Architectural Significance
The building, object or area is a notable example of a particular style, architecture, or period, or display, craftsmanship, artistry and technology of intrinsic interest or, by virtue of its design, conforms to a past or present sense of beauty.

3. Group Significance
Individual buildings, objects or areas that combine to form an area of community importance, or historical or architectural merit. Items within the group need to be of significance in themselves, but their significance is such that their loss or change would diminish the significance of the group.

4. Landmark Significance
The building, object or area makes an important contribution to the identity of the neighbourhood or road in which it is sited by virtue of its situation, silhouette, bulk, colour or texture.

5. Archaeological or Scientific Significance
The building, object or place is of archaeological or scientific importance.

6. Threat of Demolition
The building or object is under possible threat of demolition and because of any or all of the above reasons, an effort should be made to avoid demolition of the building or object.

The Cambridge Historic Buildings appearing on the 'A' List are listed alphabetically and the bracketed numbers relate to their position in the Waipa District Council Plan - Appendix 10.

The 'B' List is also alphabetical.





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